* Disclaimer - 2020 Licensed Alabama Hemp Seed Dealers List: The following license holders are some of the current Alabama licensed Hemp Growers in the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries’ (ADAI) Hemp Program that also have the Alabama Seed Dealer Permit. This will not be a complete list of licensed sources. This list includes only those license holders who have elected to have their contact information published. ADAI does not recommend or endorse any of these individuals/companies. These license holders are not obligated to accept any orders or new customers. Any contract or transaction is solely between license holders. ADAI recommends that any license holder carefully read and fully understand the terms of an agreement with any plant source before completing the transaction.
1) All transactions out-of-state to other hemp programs are at your own risk.
2) ADAI does not regulate hemp materials outside the state of Alabama.
3) Any variety or named strain designated as a prohibited variety in the ADAI’s Hemp Summary of Varieties document is not eligible for sale or transfer in or out of the state of Alabama.
4) There is no cultivation, sales, or transfers of prohibited varieties allowed.
5) ALL Alabama licensed growers have to submit and follow the ADAI’s Seed/Propagule Acquisition form/procedure and receive approval before any material is ordered, paid for, or received. This includes seeds, starters, seedlings, clones, Mother plants, etc.)
By checking the box below, I signify that I have read and understand the statement above and I agree to be included on the Public Alabama Licensed Hemp Seed Dealer List. Note: Your license number will not be publicized but is required for this form.
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